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It will ensure you some sort of payout if the majority of your teams win. The problem with this bet is that it allows bettors to get ahead of themselves and stray from their disciplined approach. Now days, with bets just a click away, bettors who lack the discipline required to be a successful bettor could easily get caught up in making far too many bets at one time.

How To Construct A Round Robin Bet

Bets placed by people the sportsbooks deem to be a ‘sharp’. A sign of sharp money is usually through reverse line movement – where the public money is mostly on one side, but the volume is on the other, usually from the Sharps. This one involves losing a bet you were in a terrific position to win.

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The more risk you add into the overall bet, the more the risk becomes exaggerated. In each example, we will use $100 as our total bet for each informative post different type of parlay. If you do manage to choose all five games correctly, you’ll have an excellent payday. In fact, a recent bettor in Colorado turned $300 into more than $117,000 with a successful six-team parlay on NHL games.

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The player would wager $100 to win $130 or $10 to win $13 on Manny Pacquiao. In the event of a draw, wagers on who will win the fight are refunded. This is the combined number of goals scored by both teams, including any overtime. With a wager on the “over,” the player would lay $100 to win $130, or $10 to win $13.


Every team in a group plays every other team in its group once. Take your time to read all the available information and to learn the ins and outs of all the betting types out there. We are going to start this process by sharing with you some tips on how to place a good round robin bet. Treble bet – In its essence, it works the same way as the double bet. The only difference is that this is a bet in which three selections are made for three different separate events. In order for you to win the bet, all three selections have to win their respective games/races/competitions.

But if you look at the combinations, there’s one parlay that the Flyers are not a part of. We would win the three-team parlay that contains the Celtics, Braves, and Mariners. If you bet on this wager ($40) and all four of your games ended up winning, you would be looking at $570.70 in winnings.

Round robins are designed to allow an “all play all” scenario. In other words, every combination of teams or bets or what-have-you will occur in a round robin, and it is meant to be exhaustive in its combinations. The use of the phrase “round robin” might be a bit confusing in this context if you’re used to seeing it appear elsewhere. After all, you may have played or watched round robin tournaments before, but connecting it to a type of sports bet might seem odd to a new Virginia sports bettor. The main idea, though, is that the two round robins allow you to make the same bets at far better odds than the straight parlay. However, the takeaway should not be that you need to stick to betting on the underdogs.